Preset Batch Nozzel Meter
The K500 nozzel meter was developed based on
a careful analysis of the needs of the the market.
lts innovation lies in the ability to perform
pre-selected dispensing of oil, antifreeze and
other fluids compatible with its materials
by exploiting the integration of the functions
of a dispensing valve and a flow-meter.
In addition to manual dispension, it is possible
to dispense in automatic mode.
The amount to dispense is pre-selected and
when it is reached,the meter automatically
closes the valve and the nozzle stops
The K500? functions are expanded by a broad menu and are managed by a battery-powered
electronic circuit card with microprocessor. The oval gear meter allows obtaining high countion
precision with low loss of head.
The nozzel allows the flow-meter to be calibrated on site using an easy procedure.
Dispensing is simplified by an articulated end that allows reaching any position. The
exterior ergonomic and anti-shock housing and the trigger protection to prevent
accidental activation make this nozzle meter one of a kind and indispensable for
operators in the industry.
■ Performance Specifications
· Flow-rate from 1 to 30 l/min
· Precision ±0.5% over the entire flow capacity range. (±0.3% PTB -approved model)
· Maximum working pressure : 70 bar max
· Maximum pre-selectable quantity 99.9 liters
· Quantity dispensed indicators with various of measure.
· Optional suction filter available:
· The K400 meter can be installed in the handgrip.
MODEL Flow rate 1/㎡ Max working presure bar IN connection Weight kg
K500 1÷30 70 1/20″ 1.8
Overall dimensions
■ Technical Specifications
· Pressure molded meter body, resistant to high pressures, protected by a structure of anti-shock,
..thermohardened plastic.
· Trigger protection to prevent to accidental operation.
· Entry with 1/2?Gas swivel connector and incorporated filter.
· Balanced valve to reduce pressure on the trigger.
· Oval gear meter, with acetal resin gears. Single-channel Pulser type, clean contact exit signal.
· Electronic circuit card with microprocessor for managing the card functions.
· LCD with four-digit partial supply indicator(height 11.5mm) and non-resettable, six-digit total
..indicator(height 5mm)
· Powered by 4 1.5V AA size batteries.
· Trigger locking/unlocking system for pre-selected dispensing.
· Articulated end.