Oil Dispensing Nozzie
■ EASYOIL is a new dispensing nozzle
specifically designed for the industry.
lts main advantages are:
· Ergonomics, featuring an anatomical handgrip
and a trigger that requires minmal pressure
· Safety, thanks to lever protection that
prevents accidentally pressing the trigger
· Easily Integratable, The EASYOIL handgrip,
combined with a K400 meter becomes an
extremely mobile tool for measuring the
dispensing of oil.
· Versatility, A wide array of accessories allows
configuring the dispensing nozzle for the most
varied requirements.
■ Construction characteristics
· The aluminum body is resistant to high pressure:
· The plastic, and anti-shock handgrip is available in several colors:
· A balanced valve reduces pressure on the trigger:
· The trigger is protected to prevent accidental spills :
· Trigger lock button for filter available:
· Optional suction filter available:
· The K400 meter can be installed in the handgrip.
Rubber protection
Ergonomic Handgrip
Trigger Lock
Wide Array of
Color code